Re: Some extra airspace was needed last night

Message posted by Gimbal on March 10, 2011 at 5:04:05 PST:

Interesting points Roadeye my only thought is, was Joerg going to share this sighting before reading Paul's post?

Did Joerg decide to post because there was verification that extra airspace had been blocked off and radars activated to back up the fact some activity was taking place?

Do people in the Rachel area see things but not report them as it is hard to back it up like this?

Yes if anyone posts to say this is nonsense then I will not take them seriously because even though I am a newbie here I don't expect him to do that to his own blog.

And yes this is very interesting, now very hard to descibe in writing I know but what did this plane sound like? Could it have been at a high altitude and perhaps be a Stealth Blimp? Any thoughts on what sort of speed it might have been going? Is it normal for aircraft from Groom to fly this close to Rachel?

Worse than Inspector Columbo.......

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