Some extra airspace was needed last night

Message posted by Paul on March 09, 2011 at 18:37:09 PST:

Tuesday night (3/8/2011) there was a block of airspace reserved from 38000 to 41000 between the NTTR and the Fallon Range to the north. Some airliners went under it and some went around to the north. The NTTR was active and Reveille north was scheduled up to 43000.
The fallon range was not active. The screen shot of the faa sua map was made just after midnight.

Citruis 328 went under at 37000. Coordinated with Oakland center at 11:40pm.
Continental 1671 went around to the north. Coordination at 12:11am.
Citruis 609 went around to the north. Coordination at 12:18am.
American 1522 went under at 37000. Coordination at 12:30am.
Motown 2 is military and went around to the north. Coordiantion at 12:42am.
Later on Sierra 99 (KC-10) came through. It was handed-off to Salt Lake center at 4:41am and
checked back in with Oakland center at 5:02am going back to Travis AFB.

PS: Citruis is AirTran Airways

Attached link: Oakland center last night


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