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Also another thing. Before i say this i want to make it clear that i am not arguing with anyone. I don't come on here to argue. I post to share my honest opinion and hopefully contribute some decent information.
HAHA there is my little disclaimer.

But Groom is like NO other site within the Continental United States!!
The reason i say this is because no other place is as covered up.

I am going to list some decently classified ops installations.

The Warrenton Training Center Complex
Raven Rock Mountain Complex
Mount Weather
Certain NSA communication centers out in Maryland
Harvey Point.

My point is not one place comes close to the amount of secrecy blanketed over Groom. Not ONE. Now i have heard and been to a LOT of installations. Even some of the ones i can't get in to i still know of there existence. There is at least some "official" documentation on some of the sites listed above. Directly to it. Not about the mountains around it or the site next door. THAT SITE. I have never been to a place where there is a SORV truck up on a hill that is still a mile away from the Guard gate which is still over 10 miles away from the base. Restricted airspace where no aircraft can fly over in less explicitly approved. (I've heard a rumor where even the space shuttle cant orbit over R-4808A is that true?)

I will mention this. A while back i requested N319BD's docs from the FAA. On there, there is a registration contact. It is for an office at Hill AFB. The address (6082 FIR AVE BLDG 1232) is non existent. it is a 100% complete DEAD END. So in a way no one knows for sure who the aircraft is really registered to. NOT EG&G. EG&G closed down a few years ago. So hmm there is a another secret. The United States Government has a lot of research sites. White Sands, Kirtland AFB, Edwards AFB, China Lake, Dugway proving Ground etc. Not one is so secretive. Everything that is linked to Groom is basically like a cover up being shoved in your face. Because at the end it comes to a complete dead end.

Sure the Air Force Flight Test Center has a presence at the lake.
But AFFTC is also at Edwards and Plant 42. So for some strange reason i have a feeling that AFFTC isn't the only thing there at Groom. Remember when the U-2 was deployed out of Groom back in its day? So i am sure there are classified DEPLOYED Government units they have there at Groom that go on "real world" missions on a daily basis.

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