Re: New Red Flag participant!

Message posted by Casper on March 03, 2011 at 20:06:18 PST:

Got this back from Nellis public affairs:

NellisAFB - Nellis AFB Nevada
No, we don't have F-4s participating in Red Flag. We do have the RAF with the GR4, but that's a different aircraft.

I wanted to replay and say "Yeah... I don't think someone who can't tell the difference between an RAF Tornado and an F-4 would be tweeting and asking you about Red Flag" But I decided to be nice.

So it looks like we're pretty sure now that the F-4s are the BAE-built target drones? Any idea if their T-39 has anything to do with the drones? I know it used to be a radar testbed (various pictures across the net have it with different noses stuck on out front)... but is it just coincidence that the same company operates it (out of the same airport) as the target f-4s?

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