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Message posted by Scottish Roy on March 02, 2011 at 9:51:29 PST:

Now that link is very interesting to me. I've been an avid reader of the site for years but with me living in Scotland I never thought there would be anything constructive i could ever add to the forum, until now.

I was reading the link and thought wow this mystery aircraft has been spotted in the UK. Then i read some more with the sightings moving further north. This was the point i got really excited. The town of Girvan mentioned in the link is only 20 or so miles from my parents house and is almost directly inline with the end of the runway at RAF Machrihanish. It is roughly 20-30 miles across the Firth of Clyde.

Now the bit that almost had me in shock with the latest sighting on Monday was the mention of the C-17.
When i left my parents house on Sunday to travel north for work like i do every week i noticed an American C-17 sitting on the appron at Prestwick Airport(EGPK). I can kinda guess what it was doing sitting there now.

I've heard late night rumblings more than once before and i've seen one fast moving light looking south from where i was but we do get occasional fast jets in the area so never thought much about it.
I'll definatly be keeping my eyes to the sky a lot more now and maybe if i can convince the mrs take the long drive round to the base itself and see if there is any signs of something going on.

I've known about Machrihanish's history with the USAF and Navy Seals for a long time but the base has been pretty much abandoned for years. It was even up for sale not to long ago for pennies.

Anyway thanks for such a great website that has kept my interest in black projects alive.


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