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Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on February 15, 2011 at 10:59:46 PST:

Thanks for posting the link, Dennis. The audio clip is a good example for radio traffic in the ranges. What may be confusing is that several channels are mixed together, but they are identified on the screen. I am glad to see that whoever put this together did not post the Groom freqs.

As you pointed out, it is interesting to hear the B-2 take off from Groom as Ringer 61, then use callsign Condor during the exercise and then leave the Ranges as Reaper 72 (a very common callsign for the B-2).

The other players are:

Sierra 99 is a tanker out of Travis AFB, CA which frequently provides AAR for test flights and exercises in the Dreamland MOA

Super 38/71 are early morning Janets on Groom Approach and Tower

Super 3 ist one of the smaller DOE Beech Janets

Dreamland obviously is the air space controller for the Dreamland MOA

Blue Bird und Blonde Girl are Ops Controllers for flight tests and exercises in the Dreamland MOA. They are responsible for checking in the aircraft, positioning them for the exercise and checking them out after the exercise

Ramrod ist the mission controller for missions in the Dreamland MOA. He (or in some cases she) calls the individual maneuvers to execute, usually referred to only by a sequence number

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