Watching JANET flights 13 miles from Groom Lake

Message posted by Paul on February 12, 2011 at 18:54:33 PST:

Started down GLR at first light on Friday. 5.7 miles from 375 turned onto whatever road that is and drove to where the hills start. I had only parked the car for a couple of minutes or so and the camo dudes showed up. Took 10 to 15 minutes to climb the hill. I figured the old freqs i had from 2009 where no longer good so i was searching for the vhf freqs on the scanner and you can hear it lock-on to some rfi when i turned on the camcorder. I never found them. I stayed up there till 9am and then left to go to other parts of the NTTR. The camos did not follow me all the way to 375. Turns out, the old groom atc freqs from October 2009 may have been of some use. Listening later in the day, what i had as operations freq for the JANETS in 2009 now may have been groom approach/departure control or the tower freq. Will they change the use of a freq this way? The slightly better quality video on hotfile will be available for a few days. The link is in the video description. The camcorder zooms opticaly to 42x and then digitaly to 70x. The 70x is what i zoomed to.

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