Re: Please help me out on this one.

Message posted by RoadKill on February 07, 2011 at 15:32:54 PST:

Well, this is very confusing. You ask for help in identifying a particular aircraft, yet you deliberately alter the photo to delete the registration number and you won't say where the photo was taken. It is the singularly most important piece of information one would use to find out the owner. Yet, date/time is also key since airplanes are bought and sold.

With nothing but sky in the background, it would be impossible to identify when/where the photo was taken. So why would you delte the registration info?

Unless you're taking this photo from work (assuming you are the photographer), why not say where it was? If we're here sharing information to help piece together pieces of information to reveal the larger project(s), why not help?

I hope you get your answer.

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