Re: F-117 technology and the new Chinese bird

Message posted by quellish on January 24, 2011 at 17:36:53 PST:

A careful look at the J-20 reveals some interesting things. For example, some of the LO treatments applied to the design are clearly targetting a very specific set of radar frequencies. At the same time, there are panels and apertures that would easily drown out those reductions. There are many such contradictions in what we can see of the J-20 design at this point in time.

Traditionally the Chinese have fitted test aircraft with instrumentation in the nose radome rather than a real radar. The nose radome and radar antenna will be critical features on the J-20, as these are difficult challenges to solve and contribute greatly to the RCS of a combat aircraft.

Nonetheless, it is far too premature to reach any conclusions about this aircraft.

....though if they had a DYCOMS, it should be visible ;)

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