Re: New generation of unmanned spy planes being tested

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on January 13, 2011 at 15:19:54 PST:

Year after year, decade after decade, Americans help people all over the globe. We show up, help all we can and leave, making no attempt to enslave or dominate the many ravaged areas. Warships bring food and medical facilities while aircraft flying the most needed items for distress relief. No matter if the President is a Republican or Democrat, the response has always been the same. It is our national nature.

On top of that we have had nuclear weapons for over fifty years and used them only on two occasions, and only to prevent what would have been an unimaginable bloodbath that would have left a destroyed Japan and hundreds or thousands of American dead. Since then, even though there has been many opportunities to prevail and dominate through use of atomic bombs, in every single case our national command authority, once again both Democrats and Republicans, have declined to use that power to win a losing war or prove dominance over a warring power.

Your paranoid accounting of our national make-up fails to take into the past history of the United States, and how many time we could have used our massive power to conquer and dominate but did not.

Technology is not evil, nor does it make people evil. Our founders constructed a government that can not be subverted by the will of a few and it has proven to work for the good of America as well keeping the peace with weapons of mass destruction that if our enemies had would use to impose their will on use.

My suggestion is I invite you to leave and go elsewhere that has a better system with a clear understanding that it is a one-way exit. Try to find any nation that has had our technology and power that refuses to use it to oppress any nation that dares oppose it; you will not. We could have used nuclear weapons to defeat the Chinese surging down North Korea, to end the fighting in Vietnam or turn Iraq into a pool of molten glass after their invasion of Kuwait but did not.

As Klaatu said, "we have a system--- and it works..."; it may not be perfect but we don't use our strength to dominate weaker nations except in self-defense - and that is a fact.

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