Empty containers

Message posted by sitdownson on January 06, 2011 at 16:40:44 PST:

I visited Area 51 in the fall of 1996 to do some camping and sight seeing, but I instead was harassed by the camo guys, and then they took me to the base. I was begging in tears for them to let me go but they wouldn't, they just kept taking me further and further underground. I noticed that the elevator said floor 67 when we stopped to get off, so I now we were very far underground.

Once we got off the elevator, the guards handed me over to these scientist that beat me with wooden sticks that look like metal. The sticks were of some foreign metal that causes an allergic reaction to human skin. They then put a mask over my face to knock me out. I woke up upside town in the desert with all my belongings taken. It was a very weird experience.

Has anyone else encountered this while camping out there in the 90'? I really want to visit this place again, but I am too scared of what might happen.


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