Re: New power lines into Area 51

Message posted by Gimbal on January 05, 2011 at 4:23:20 PST:

A large area of the East side running from Hanger 18 up to the Dry Lake Bed is blocked by Freedom Ridge when viewing from Tikaboo, it would make perfect sense to put stuff there.

If I was in charge knowing people are looking in from Tikaboo and the advances in telescopic technology it would be the most logical solution.

There is a road from the base leading out there with some sort of Radar Installation at the end of it so extending that is no big deal nor building another Taxiway. In fact in some parts you can be right up on the Runway and still be out of view so a large Apron and Hanger set up would be no problem.

The relatively low Voltage on these lines suggest they are only required to provide a service to Hangers rather than power heavy machinary or particle beams.

Theory not fact of course.

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