Re: How confidential is 'area 51'?

Message posted by Wheresjanet on January 04, 2011 at 22:29:34 PST:

because cameras can't see through those structures. So just because you can see a hangar or an office what info do you get out of that? Just like you can see the HQ for the CIA or the Raven Rock Mountain complex. That's why. Also the pictures that are taken from the ground such as the one on Groom Lake road. They don't enforce that law because the only thing you can possibly photograph on the Ground that close to the base is vehicles and maybe a gate. The closes view point is 26 miles away and the only one if you don't go air. Plus if you go air you must be extremely careful not to hit any of there R-4---'s airspace. So I hope this helps. Also even though the Government barely acknowledges the existence of the base. The real secret is in there operations. Because if public views of the facilities caused national security damage you wouldn't be able to see ,Groom, The Pentagon, CIA, NSA, RRMC, CMAFS and the list goes on.

So that is my whole 2 cents.

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