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Message posted by Rodeo65 on December 18, 2010 at 0:07:58 PST:

You also might mention the Reno Air Races, usually held in the second or third week of Sept. It costs a few bucks but it is kind of cool watching suped up F-51 Mustangs, Bearcats, Corsairs flying only a couple of hundred feet above the ground doing 400 mph. Usually in between the races there are some sort of air shows usually involving civilian stunt pilots or military aircraft. Bob Hoover used to put on a show and was also the pace plane for some of the races. (I think he may be retired now.) They had the Blue Angles there one year I was there. Another year they had an A10 doing simulated bombing runs. You could feel the heat from the explosions. One year I took my wife there and I don't know what was more fun; watching F16's making high speed low level passes or watching my wife trying to video tape them doing it. (Part of our tapes show desert landscape moving by the camera real fast.) After the Races, you can go into Reno and check out some of the stuff I helped purchase in the casinos.

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