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Message posted by Andreas Parsch on November 29, 2001 at 4:25:51 PST:

Hi wolfbane,
after having thought a bit about the "A-11" sighting, and your comments, I have some problems with the whole picture, especially the motivation and intentions if the U.S. Air Force.

_If_ the USAF wants to "reveal" the A-11, why don't they simply do it the way they did with the F-117? I.e., acknowledging its existance, (optionally) providing a blurry and/or distorted photo, but not giving away any more details. And if they _don't_ want to make it public, why pull this stunt in front of an "outside" observer? The sighting was now almost half a year ago, so I also can't imagine it was some type of "sneak preview", shortly before the official announcement.

The existance of the A-11 and its operational status is apparently no longer secret (otherwise, you wouldn't have mentioned it). I haven't tried, but I have the feeling that if somebody challenges the USAF with this "A-11" story, they will outright deny it. So is it a secret or isn't it? Or is there some "intermediate level" of secrecy, meaning that it won't be officially announced in public, but any insider who wants to tell his friends can do so?

To summarize, it seems that my naive understanding of the meaning of "secret" (secret => don't say a word!, not secret => no denials) simply doesn't apply here. I'd be very glad to know where the logic behind all this is.

Thanks a lot!

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