when security means stupidity

Message posted by alessandro on November 17, 2010 at 12:44:05 PST:

Hi guys,
I was in Vegas for Aviation Nation 2010: everything was ok on saturday; as I came from Italy for the Airshow, of course i decided to go on sunday, too.
But when I approached the security check an airman, checking my photo-backpack told: "sorry sir, but unless you're a "media" you can't access the base with a telephoto lens bigger than 300mm"...
Well, i'm not a "media" (nor was 99.5% of the guys saying to be that thanks to a stupid plastic badge), and as I have a Canon 100/400 zoom lens that I had to leave in my car, you can imagine my disappointment...
And the reason for that was: "the base commander doesn't want any photo lens bigger than 300mm unless you're a media"
Isn't it a very stupid behaviour? (and don't ask me to say what I think 'bout a base commander responsible for that...)
Anyone experienced the same problem?


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