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Message posted by Chris Froud on November 27, 2001 at 6:06:16 PST:

Hi all,

I was going to post a recommendation for a book that could be of interest to anyone on the forum but I read the rules and thought I'd better run it by Joerg first, to see if it was permitted.

He said go ahead, so here is my Christmas reading recommendation!

It's a superior Sci-Fi novel called 'Cosmonaut Keep' by Ken MacLeod, a scottish protege of Iain M Banks,the king of Sci-Fi at the moment.
It has a very relevant premise to do with a theory on where 'Alien abductees' who disappear actually go to (exremely amusing and makes you think) and more relevently to this forum a chapter actually called 'The Dreamland Gate'!
The Camo Dudes and Janet are mentioned in a theoretical future tense (along with black projects) in a way that I'm positive will make Area 51 afficinados think 'Hey that might happen'.
Intelligently written as are all his other books.

I bought my copy through in paperback,the Hard-back is available through Why not buy through dreamland resort and help support it?


If the line gets wrapped please make sure to include everything between the quotes.

I think this is the best Sci-Fi I've read this year, and I read a shed-load of Sci-Fi books in a year.

Chris Froud

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