Re: Why Russia radar sites?

Message posted by Gunslinger on November 21, 2000 at 21:37:57 EST:

Of course, it could be a test going in the opposite direction:

Soviet-traned armed forces use 'Positive' GCL intercepts - that is, all aspects of the flight and fight are controlled by a ground control, sometimes right down to firing the missiles. PERHAPS (and I stress that), this was a test to determine the probable proximity of airborne-fighters in realtions to emitting radars. In such a case, a avionics test-bed version of a fighter (as mentioned in the previous post) would find Groom ideal for the test, since both American and Soviet equipment were available for the two 'sides' of the EM 'combat', and the data could then easily be compared against the day before (or after) radar-logs from the excercise being flown...

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