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Message posted by vegashighrise on September 15, 2010 at 4:03:07 PST:

I think that may have been what confused wheresjanet, or possibly I just wasn't clear and it wasn't obvious enough. I'm not at all suggesting this for an "investigative" tool. My thought is that it's a significant piece of the A51 puzzle and we could provide a real-time, always-on way of letting people from around the world see the actual workings of a component of the base.

Visit DLR, scour through the vast info found here, check out the panorama's then watch the Janet airport for a few minutes. Seemed like a nice addition and could be a fun thing for people elsewhere to glance while working from their desktops.

Thanks for offering to link it up here Joerg. Since my post, I did a bit of digging to find good equipment but it's a harder task than I had hoped. If anyone can recommend a camera model -- preferably something over USB I can plug into a dedicated Mac Mini or similar, that'd be very useful.

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