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Message posted by FosterVS on September 01, 2010 at 21:12:09 PST:

Interesting read, "A veteran reporter describes his search for the aircraft of Area 51.":

One thing... how exactly is this guy picking up the cammo dudes on a scanner? I thought they used an encrypted trunking system?:
"We had barely settled in for the evening when the scanner blared: “[Call sign], do you have the four-wheeler down by the mailbox?” “Yeah. I got him,” came a bored reply. Across the highway from us stood a local rancher’s black, post-mounted mailbox. The four-wheeler under discussion was ours. We hadn’t been there a half-hour, and the “camo dudes”—what black-aircraft watchers call the camouflage-uniformed Groom guards— were already on to us."

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