Message posted by James Petty on August 20, 2010 at 0:49:10 PST:

A question has been asked about the concret slabs-they have to do with what is going on inside of the mountain-when Blackstar became operational the spaceplane used which is called a Gelled Boran Fuel-also what was happening is that trains carrying the Borax from the Borax mines into the mountain my source and another have constantly seen trains go into certain parts of the mountain-but the entrance is not easy to find. Also I've heard discussion about the large Hangers-one of them was so they could lift the SR-3 Mothership on jacks so the spaceplane could be mated. Now for a suprise I have a very close dear friend who has contacts at the CIA and the scuttlebutt is that the CIA-is going to within the next year be releasing some enlighting information regarding the CIA A-12 Operations and SR-71 as well and FYI Pilot Jack Weeks was the first pilot to overfly the Pueblo Ship in North Korean Harbor it was not Frank Murray! The Pratt & Whitney J-58 Afterburning Turbojet is still highly classified-because it has the ability to function in generating and ion field therefore reducing drag. In fact A-12 was modified with an Ion Gun. Anybody want to know more ask the questions.


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