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Message posted by Mike on July 27, 2010 at 23:49:47 PST:

I've only been up to the Overlook twice but both times it was in SUVs with a low range 4WD. One was a Blazer and the other was a Jeep Cherokee. I found it wasn't going up to the Overlook that was a challenge... it was coming back down. That's where having the low range came in handy because you don't have to ride the brake on the way down... you can just let the gearing keep your speed down. I don't think I'd have the stones to try going up there in a Honda CR-V... I've never driven one though. Maybe the first gen CR-V could do that... I sure wouldn't want to take a current version up there. What kind of condition is the trail in these days. Is there still the wildlife study zone up at the top?


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