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Message posted by Pete on July 27, 2010 at 16:46:09 PST:

Hi Peter,

Thanks for posting your reply and offering your views and some history on the topics that I raised.

You make some interesting comments.some that raise further thoughts for possible future questions.

I was not fully sure about Glenns past history with regards to Area 51 etc or if he had fully resigned himself from further research..

I suspect that he believes that after all that he has done that he deserves the chance to take something back for all his efforts. As I am sure that this can apply to all the longer term members on this forum
who have given their valuable time in researching such

I only Know of Nick Cook from that TV programme and I have not read any of his books.. I am not as indepth in such matters as some of the members on here.

If you dont agree with his comments in his book, can I ask do you recommend any other books along the lines of such subjects ?

I do question though how in depth some people do go into this subject and I would imagine only a few highly intellegent people would really understand it.

If one is looking into the likes of antimatter, Nuclear / Atomic physics, Relativity that type of thing and what the possibilities maybe behind it.. that would be mind blowing stuff..

No doubt many of us have watched scientific theory type programmes and may have some general understanding... BUT the question of such things as
could there be any reality in the likes of some of the ideas behind what Bob Lazar claims would be truely
what I am sure the majority of us would all want to know...

That to me or the possibilities behind it, and if places like Area 51 or Las Alomos are studying such stuff is what would really interest me..

So I really do question what do they really know !

Can I ask, Did Germany in the war Have UFO type saucers in the 1940s ? and did their scientist go to groom Lake in the 1950s...

IF so , would you not think that they have very high tech saucers there now ? or that MAYbe there could have been something in Bob Lazars claims ?

Sorry if I am still on this topic, but I find it hard to ignore.

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