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Message posted by James Petty on July 25, 2010 at 23:17:31 PST:

There is an excellent artical published by Aviation Week & Space Technology-Called " BlackStar Another Groom Lake Secret" This will answer alot of question fore CHris H I"m in the artical because of my sighting of the Mothership & Spaceplane it was carrying-but I did the graphics for the front cover and others in the artical.In fact one of the Motherships crashed on take-off from Groom Lake, Area 51. The issue of the Story is March 6, 2006 and check out the front cover for the Graphics-and I have the largest collection of drawings from people and an Air Force F-15 Eagle Pilot out of Hollman AFB New Mexico he seen the Mothership and or the Spaceplane-In fact come to learn I've been the only oe to see the Spaceplane Mated To The Mothership. Good Luck !


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