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Message posted by Pete on July 25, 2010 at 17:16:05 PST:

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your comments,

Although the site may no longer be a UFO site as such
I suspect a majority come to the site initially expecting it to be so..and I suspect longer term members are now immune or sick to see the words/letters UFO / ET.

Can I ask was Glenn Campbell once a member on this site, Am I right in saying that he rarely bothers any more with Area 51.. if so I assume that he just believes that he has come to a final conclusion as to
what he believes really goes on there.. and that perhaps its not what he initially had suspected.

It must have been very though provoking to have gone through the history that you have witnessed thoughout the time that you have looked into Area 51...

Also to have done all the interviews that you have with various personnel.

Can I ask did you ever meet the likes of Bob Lazar, or John Lear who both made extreme claims.

I found John Lears comments very hard to accept when I first looked at some videos that he had done on one of his websites... and to see such a well known name in the Aviation industry say such things unless there was any truth in it, you would think that would totally discredit the man.

I have heard stories such as he was in the CIA and he made such things up for some reason CIA related..but I am not sure exactly why !

I have seen some other videos from some older persons
who if I recall may had been ex pilots and claimed to had worked at Area 51... and they also went along with some of the UFO / ET stories.

I think it was Conner O"Ryan" Have you ever intervied him or any of his associates... Or Do you just think they made up some story for publicity.

When I was in Rachel in April, one of the employees at the Inn claimed he witnessed a situation where the ground rippled in front of him during a sonic boom on two seperate occasions and the rumours were that this had been Aurora.

This is a clip of the UFO Programme that I watched in the UK called ...UFO's - The Secret Evidence with Nick Cook an Aviation Investigator..

I wonder if you have seen it or something similar
and If Its not Aurora, what would you suspect that it is ?

Regarding the CIA, Does anyone think that they monitor people who visit the Area ? I ask this as I had an experience there that suggested that they may !

Thats another story !

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