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Message posted by wheresjanet on July 15, 2010 at 18:43:10 PST:

First of all i've been up to the hill. Its called hawkeye hill. One or two people are fine. Technically you still are on public land. Up on hawkeye hill are some markers, warning signs and cameras. You can see the main guard shack from hawkeye hill. Probably any descent camera with a zoom you can see the gate. Probably not in great detail but still...

I don't know for a fact they did not like the TV camera equipment there that day. But there have been a few attempts to hike up hawkeye hill and they flip out. Thats when i got to see the HH-60 pavehawk circle me 3 times and then fly back to base. I didn't even make it half way up the hill. As soon as the chopper left one of the "cammo dudes" started to slowly drive down to my parked car near the groom lake rd warning signs.

There is a road on top of hawkeye hill witch is restricted and they can easily access it from the guard shack. Thats when i saw the white jeep cherokee drive up on that road. I personally felt trapped. I turned off my camera and lowered it where it was in my hand. Not even around my neck. The "cammo dude" in the chevy on the usual spot for them, he started to back up maybe 5 or 8 feet and i kinda of hurried back to my car and left.

For the helicopter i asked someone involved in the show personally. They said the company they used witch i'm pretty sure was sundance highly discouraged them from showing the facility from inside sundance's chopper. Its a little stupid i think. But it is what it is.

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