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Message posted by olowy on July 10, 2010 at 23:10:34 PST:

I think what has to be remembered is that 1. the nation doing the overflying has to give 72 hr warning, which I wassume is more than enough time to get everything into the tarmac; 2. there are a limited number of flights. I dont quite get it but it has to do with sharing quotes. so like Portgual only needs to all 2 flights a year while the US and USSr have 42 flights year; 3. it doesnt sound like they use them all -In 2009, the United States flew a total of thirteen flights, twelve over Russia and one over Ukraine; 4. the surivellance equipmment has to be commercially available.

So, back to the beginning premise, assuming that the US allies arent goign to ask to fly over area 51,that most of the other signature nations are trying to join Nato/better relations with the US, it only leaves Russia. So i think a maxiam of 42 flights over area 51 cannot be compared to giving land back that would allow 24/7 observation of the base.

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