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Message posted by Steve Douglass on June 21, 2010 at 7:10:49 PST:

Sources tell me the UAV video intercept was a result of the U.S. military forced to use open satellite (LESAT) links due to lack of bandwidth and overuse and crowding of military SATCOM channels in the combat arena.

The unencrypted live video feed was being broadcast to ground forces in the area because of the lack of bandwidth due to -too-many users on the UFO (UHF-Follow-On) FLTSATCOM, MILSTAR and GAPFILLER birds. Even with compression (not encryption) near-real-time video consumes a lot of bandwidth. The cited case was evidence that demands for real-time surveillance in the war on terror were well beyond the capacity of the system- so as a last measure - the military broadcast it in the clear using a leased commercial satellite and hoped (or assume) the enemy does not have the capability to listen in.

That said - although it would be very difficult (if not impossible) to hack into a UAV to control it - it is not beyond the realm of possibility (if aided by a technologically advanced nation) to jam the data stream, causing loss of control. Both Russia and China are not above selling such technology to the highest bidder - but even then it wouldn't be hard to DF the jammer and kill it with a HARM.

That said - loopbacktest4echo must have been channeling my mind while I was writing my book - except I left out the invisibility cloak.

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