Skunk Works in Akron Ohio?

Message posted by The 7th Man on June 18, 2010 at 15:59:35 PST:

Has anyone ever heard anything about Lockheeds's facility out in Akron, Oh? The reason is I read something (which I'll post at the end of this message) that they are using the old Goodyear Blimp air dock to work on a High Altitude Airship. Is this just urban legend stuff or is their some truth to it. The air dock is off limits and protected by fencing. It's not like the facility is a big secret as you can see it from Rt 224 just fine. Anyway here are some pictures. I'll try and post a few.

"Nice little public spot overlooking Akron's own Skunk Works. Here Lockheed Martin develops and manufactures all kinds of weapons and cool 'secret squirrel' stuff for the U.S.. They are housed in some of the old WWII F-4 Corsair factory space and inside the Big Black Twinkie (the blimp Airdock).

know of one Skunks Work type project that Lockheed Martin in Akron is working on here, the High Altitude Airship (HAA). No, I'm not a spy , it's been in the Akron Beacon Journal several times. The HAA is meant to enhance our country's Ballistic Missile Defense System.

An unmanned lighter-than-air vehicle, the HAA, is designed to operate above the jet stream in a quasi-geostationary position to deliver persistent station keeping as a surveillance platform, telecommunications relay, or a weather observer.

The airship would be in the air for up to one month at a time and can survey a 600-mile diameter of land. It will use solar cells to provide its power and will be unmanned during its flight. It will have the capability to survey a 600-mile diameter of land whether that be for surveillance, weather observations etc. It is to be composed of high strength fabrics to minimize weight as well as lightweight propulsion technologies. It will operate at a height of above 60,000 feet and will have a payload for military use. It will be around 500 feet long and 150 feet in diameter."


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