Re: Trauma on the Range?

Message posted by TheSkunkWorks on June 18, 2010 at 7:53:30 PST:

Hey Robert this is a really good point. What if someone were to be seriously injured or fall ill from a very serious acute illness at Groom? Sure it has had to happen. I know they must have medical facilities there but what if there was a medical emergency that needed the expertise of a certain hospital? Also, look at the lawsuit filed by the workers that were poisoned by burning of stealth coatings. That was a very prolonged effect, but what if someone there was injured by a fast acting agent that was top-secret and needed attention immediately. Do they have facilities that can handle anything? Or would they take them to a hospital equipped for whatever the emergency and just flat out not tell what the person was injured by that day. The secrecy involved there changes how everything could be handled and makes everything that much more difficult.

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