Re: Tapping into the video feed

Message posted by Hamster on June 17, 2010 at 10:35:05 PST:

ANYTHING can be hacked if you have enough time and resources. with something like a drone the answer is obviously you need to intercept and transmit radio signals. this would of course leave the person trying to transmit to the drone exposed. i guess you could also hack into the satellite communications but i would hope this would be infinitely more difficult as it would leave more than just drones exposed.

there are far more people trying to hack into Dish Network trying to get free TV than there are trying to hack into military drones and right now Dish Network is secure. (well, there's a small hole but not something that would work for anything military). keep in mind that you can buy, inspect and disassemble everything related to Dish Network to inspect it and try to hack into it and it's still secure. getting hold of a drone or satellite would be slightly more complicated, i hope.

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