Big To Land On

Message posted by Blackstarjp on June 15, 2010 at 9:15:40 PST:

I have talked to people who had said that the blimps would have a very narrow operating evenlope-remember the movie stealth and those fighters tried to refuel from a midair airship the end results were not pretty of course its just a movie-also the military has never ever walked away from a manned mission. I know some personally who use to live in Utah who now works at Nellis and he works with the drones in a casual conversation he made a point that drones can be hacked into-and they have-this is a secret the military has with held from the public-the problem is that if these are hacked into theses drones loaded with Hellfire missile could be used against use. I have heard also these drones the Predator have several design defects. But until the military is willing to admit to that its only speculation.


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