Re: Northrop's $4B Army Black Program?

Message posted by quellish on June 13, 2010 at 0:05:32 PST:

Here's an example:

{PIIN: W91GY008D0001} Establish - National Maintence Depot at Taji

{PIIN: W91GY007D0021 } Baghdad Police College Life Support

{PIIN: DABV0104D0014} Digitization Effort at PWC for LMCC

{PIIN: W91GDW07D2013} Iraq Multiple Award Constructoin Contract awardee

(etc. etc.)

On the federal spending site, select high level of detail, and then search again restricting to a specific year. You'll see the individual transactions and their amounts, click on those to see the details like the contract numbers above. You can google the contract numbers you find to dig deeper.

Really. The money is being spent in Iraq. Northrop does a lot more than make airplanes.

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