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Is there any Photos or video footage on Dreamlandresort website that shows footage of Flares if they are seen relatively often.

I just watched a Fasenating youtube video on Area 51 that had Glenn Campbell in it."UFO Hunters"..in which it showed GREAT footage of Area 51 from Tikaboo with a very high powered camera..Excellent stuff ! I did not realise that it was him that owned the Alien Research centre that you see on the 375 highway on the way to /Area 51 / Rachel... I note that he has a website connected to it, but it seems down at the moment and I also noted some other websites of his seem to have lost their content ie Photos / video ..

Is Glenn Still Active in the UFO / Area 51 topics

his website is...


Lastly does anyone know anything about the mountain range south of Alamo that includes Thunder BM , Bird, Refuge Mountains..and if you can climb them and what sort of view you get from them...Not sure what the BM stands for

Thank you


There are two types of flares: The more common type only burns for a few seconds in a bright orange light. They are used to duvert (simulated) heat seeking missiles. The less common type are illumination flares. They are suspended on small parachutes, and can hang virtually motionless in the sky for several minutes. Sounds like that is what you saw. Or possibly the landing light of a late Janet flying into Groom.

Unfortunately the Alien Research Center is rarely open. It has a nice variety of alien and related merchandise. Much better quality than what they sell at the Inn. Definitely worth a stop, if they are open.


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