Re: Visiting tikaboo mid April

Message posted by Pete on April 22, 2010 at 16:28:24 PST:

Hi Hamster,

The Colour did seem orange, very much like a Chinese lantern... and IT appeared to rise initially THEN stop and Just Hover... Then many minutes later it slowly desended..

As I mentioned in my last reply to Joerg, I myself would be surprised if it was landing lights.. as I would had thoughtthat they have their own runway landing lights especially if its the longest Runway in the world as I seem to recall reading somewhere.

Again see my last comments to Joerg about the Weather.. It had changed and was much cooler and windy
but viewing conditions for photograpy were excellent as you got such rapd variation as the clouds came over. When you got the Suns rays coming through the dark clouds onto the vally floor, it was incedible !

Also I went down the Track to Grrom Lake entrance, as I came back, the Sun was hitting Tikaboo and that was very impressive.. for photographers you couldnt ask for more ! sometimes in these variable conditions it can be great ligh contasts and shadows..

I even got a rainbow over tikaboo. !

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