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Message posted by Pete on April 20, 2010 at 0:54:47 PST:

Hi Joerg

I attempted another trek up tikaboo next day and I am happy to say it was mainly successful..

the only disappointment was the weather / conditions was not as good as the day before which had been excellent ....

It was still impressive though and worth the effort as hard as I found it.. I had to take part of a unknown trial so this made things slower..

it seems the marked trail is certainly snow bound above 7100 ft... upto 7600 ft... as I noted the trial from the top, tried to folow it and was stopped by snow early on..

Can I ask a question ..

on average How often does a vistor to this area see
something... not just a general type of known expected military jet ?

Would you say over 70% 80 or 90% of people who either climb tikaboo or patrol ET Highway see something unusual ! or is it MUCH less.. ie less than 20%..

I ask this as for 3 days I witnessed Nothing at all..
Not even a Jet aircraft...

I didnt see anything from Tikaboo in the 4 hrs I was up there...all I did see in my last hour was 3 lots of dust towards to dry lake area... which I THINK was due to Cameos messing around... it must have been their playtime to see who could make the biggest dust up..!

Although not perfect I did get a decent overall view of the area... and I could see the Area 51 base but only in parts.... not like the famous panoramics on this site.. i assume from another location..

Yesteray I visited Rachael and the Little Alien..

It was a gret experience... Heard very some interesting facts and Guy in particular who seemed like a Bob Lazar type of character..gave some fasinating facts..

I dove back to try and catch the sunset on Tikaboo vally but just missed it...

I decided to wait around.... and IT WAS well and truly worth it... ! what I witnessed was far more than I had ever expected...Not sure if this is the norm or a rarity these days ...all in all so far a very interesting trip..

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