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This road crosses the restricted border at: 37 32.912'N, 115 48.212'W. There isn't much to see there except these signs. There is what appears to be a camera on the snow covered hill in line with the road. But I was informed by Joerg, it is actually a repeater most likely for the old road sensors. There are still several road sensors leading up to this "gate" so you will most likely be paid a visit by our friends in cammo. They like to come up behind you and park up on this hill: 37 33.082'N, 115 48.439'W. I always wanted to drive up on that hill as it is on public land to see the view. I imagine they would come up behind me wondering where I went. Then I'd yell surprise! And we would both probably get spooked! Lol.

As for the signs there, yes they do say "Deadly force authorized." There are similar signs from my trip report at: 37 32.903'N, 115 52.930'W. And they removed the signs all together at Roadblock Canyon. The only place I know where "Use of Deadly Force Authorized was changed was at the Front Gate on Groom Lake Road. IMHO, they ruined the coolest sign ever by slapping that larger "Warning" sign over it! But maybe someone thought if they take the deadly force away, it wouldn't attract as many tourists. Or they are looking to make over the image of our favorite base. Who can say...

Lastly, I believe the deadly force signs are at other military installations around the globe. And they are more common that believed. I don't have any other base names, it's just what I remember hearing. Any thoughts?

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