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Message posted by Stealth Blimp on April 10, 2010 at 0:46:11 PST:

We did not get that technical but here's what we both saw.

1. The front of the plane was rounded like a cigar tube. It kind of looked like a Prowler but it did not have the antenna on the front. It almost looked like a Predator from the front but it wasn't.

2. It was black, made no sound, and had no markings that I or her could see.

3. We could not see a cockpit

4. Low to mid should mounted wings

4. It was multi engined and the engines (or what looked like engines) seemed apart.

5. It moved slow then took off at a gradual speed till it got some altitude and took off over the mountains back towards Groom Lake.

I just want to state that I am not an aviation historian or a specialist so that's about as good as a description as I can give.

Upon arriving home today I looked up tons of aircraft to find a match. The only one that looked about 50 % right was the Prowler...but it wasn't an exact match. All I can say it was not an F-117, a Harrier, B-2, a C-141, F-16 or any other jet I could find. You might think I'm nuts and maybe I misidentified it but I really can't way that I've ever seen something like that before. It did not look "alien" or anything like that. It just wasn't something I saw before and I can't seem to find a match for it.

I did my GPSr running all the way back from Rachel to the Area 51 Park & Ride. I also stopped and took a picture along an unmarked dirt road that lead into the hills where the base is located. Maybe they were having fun with me. From the time I left Rachel till I got buzzed I only saw one other car.

Who knows...I just thought I'd throw it out there to see if anyone has seen/experienced something like that before.

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