Re: Area 51 Surveillance Idea

Message posted by Tangolima on March 23, 2010 at 9:13:00 PST:

I was hoping that some of the regulars would chime in and they have, but since you asked I'll provide a few of the bigger least for me.

1. If this Cessna driver covers up, or tries to disguise the aircraft registration number, that is a violation of FAA regulations.

2. Regardless of the direction of approach to 'the area' by the Cessna, it will be detected. The closer it gets, the more scrutiny it will get. Possibly a chance to see a Blackhawk or F-16 up close.

3. Even if the Cessna is equipped with long range tanks, it has a finite amount of time in the air, AND has to land somewhere...someone will be waiting.

4. As soon as something is launched from the Cessna, that could be perceived as a hostile act resulting in undesired consequences.

5. Presumably this RC aircraft will be fitted with some video capability. I'm thinking that they have the ability to jam anywhere in the RF spectrum...he won't see anything, and likely won't even be able to control the RC aircraft.

Lastly, if none of the comments so far will deter him from doing this; please post the date and time for the attempt as I will drive the thousand miles it takes to get there, get out my lawn chair and watch this!!!

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