Re: frame grab/movie of plane I observed at Groom

Message posted by Steve Hauser on November 05, 2001 at 14:48:00 PST:

Thanks for the compliments. I noticed a plane flying around that time that could have been that plane. I would guess it was about the same size. It is very difficult to catch planes in the air with such a large lens (especially when if the video camera is connected you can't then use the eyepiece) and I was unable to do so.

The plane I saw was doing maneuvers right above the base, acrobatic but not unconventionally so. It could have been an F-15 but not being skilled at plane identification, being pretty poor actually, I couldn't say either that it was for sure the same plane or for sure an F-15. The plane I saw above the base appeared to be black in color. I don't recall seeing vertical tails, but at that angle they could have been flattened by the lens anyway.

The hangar doors were open for approximately 50 to 90 minutes. During that period the bigger satellite dish at Groom was pointed in the general direction of Bald Mountain, I would say. I caught on video the dish being pointed from its normal cereal bowl on a stick position. It was later morning, some time between 9:30 and 11:00. I neglected to set the time code on my video camera. It probably doesn't mean anything but coincidentally that was the day the JSF contract was awarded.

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