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See my NAS Fallon thread started on 1/20. There are four bombing and target ranges that Fallon uses. Having been there myself spotting aircraft and exploring around the base and the surrounding desert and mountain ranges, you can actually see three of the target ranges from the state hwys. The Bravo range that is 23 miles away is to the northeast of the base and is a live bombing range that is harder to locate by ground. To my knowledge you cannot see this range from the road. I've been trying to find more info on the Fallon ranges and training exersizes but unlike Red Flag, there is very little information to be found on the internet or otherwise. Most of what I have found is in a book on the Naval Strike Air Warfare Center that was published a few years ago (same or similar to the book on Red Flag that was published about the same time). Of note is that Fallon does not follow the same Public Information rules for its training missions and exersizes that Nellis does for Red Flag. This also raises a question: what dictates, if anything at all, when airbases are required to give public information about flight operations and large scale training exersizes?? Is Nellis and Red Flag an exception simply because of the heavy populated area of Las Vegas to the southwest of the base?

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