Re: Road Block Canyon [microwave signal]

Message posted by keithw on January 28, 2010 at 12:08:32 PST:

You're right SD 38g springs to mind re the dish size.
I think the deal is trip a ground sensor..this either manually or via an automated system sends a control signal via the UHF link to the uWave + camera to switch on...either via remote or a timed function it reverts to standby.The thought behind this is thats the only way to get round running the uWave & camera using quite a bit of power.
To keep it running 24/7 you need a good power source.
Thanks my 2 pence worth.Now you got the find which is real & which is a dummy.You need to monitor the UHF link.Another 2 pence 410 to 420 Mhz maybe up to 440,look at the antenna size.Ok guys lets have some more ideas.

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