SB County mountains - Miller Canyon update

Message posted by JR on January 04, 2010 at 22:20:27 PST:

Some time ago, I posted a comment about my "flying triangle" sighting of 2006 or so. With a vacation home in lake arrowhead quite close to Tunnel Two ridge, I had been witness to a VTOL triangle some years ago which seemed to breach out of Miller Canyon at the border of Brentwood Dr. and head straight toward the fire lookout at Strawberry Peak. Strawberry Peak is rumored to be an AF comm facility of some sort but knowing that Helendale, Plant 42, Tehachapi, etc are not far away, I figured perhaps that the SBCD mountains were part of a training flight path for newb stealth jockeys out of Plant 42 and that perhaps they were beaming out of the aforementioned RCS facilities. A week before xmas 2009, I drove to Lk AHD via 138 and saw "shooting stars" from a non-strobing taillight in front of me on Hwy 138. 2 to be exact. Wow......why would they flare like that? During xmas week, my wife claims that that "same roar and rumbling" happened in the Tunnel Two corridor at roughly 12:30AM on 26Dec09. sightings were during the work week at roughly 9:00PM on 2 occassions. Why in the hell would they have a bird up on 26Dec09 after midnight? Totally out of character of what I had witnessed and equally, violated the "shooting star" sightings driving 138 to lk ahd at roughly 9:ish the week b4 xmas.

I post this as I hope that there is some other SBCD mountains sky lurker hanging out on this board who can poke his eyes out during the weeknights. I'm only there on the weekends so I miss 99% of the activity - which does not seem to have ended since 2006.

If in fact Palmdale is being used as a training center for newb recon jocks and the range between P42 to 29 stumps just happens to suit the AF, then great, hey.....we've got a place to watch. If on the other hand, the 2006 and 2009 activity is a fluke and the result of some one-off flight test thing out of the back end of 42 that will not be sustained, them my observations are akin with random UFO reports and thus largely unverifiable.

Perhaps Mssr. Merlin can comment since he seems to know much about what goes on at LADC/P42 and Edwards.


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