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Message posted by RoadKill on December 08, 2009 at 18:31:55 PST:

The two different aircraft that have been using the VOODOO1 callsign were both flying today. The Raytheon bird flew from LAX to the airspace near Edwards and back, while the other one flew to the DREAM and DREAM2 points north of Vegas.

I understand the Raytheon bird filing the flight plan - but the one out of Nellis is perplexing. It reports the aircraft type as the Tornado GR4. Why would they file a flight plan unless it were a non-military flight? My guess is that they wouldn't - and that means it's a civilian aircraft. It's much like the Janet flights...they file only when they fly from or to a civilian airport. If they fly from Edwards to KLSV there's no flight plan, but there is if they fly from KPMD. It's a quirk of the system that the Janets - US Government aircraft - must use the civilian rules at times. Consider a C-17 to/from the same airfields. Generally, the C-17 has no published flight plan. And, the Nasa WB-57 filed ever time it flew out of Nellis (thank-you NASA!).

So, maybe one of you guys who are smarter on the rules of flight plans for military and quasi-military flights can provide some info that will make it all make sense. I like that the flights publish so we can track them (most of the time) in FlightAware.


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