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Message posted by Gregos on November 08, 2009 at 0:02:56 PST:

Yes, if you look at the location at: 36 46.820'N, 115 26.553'W
you will see a highway clover leaf as we call them here in America and a faux river obviously painted on the desert floor. When Joerg did the 1st satellite image in 2007, my first thought the paint anomaly at Groom Lake: 37 14.075'N, 115 48.434'W
was connected to the fake river / highway intersection. However, those colors at Groom are normal airport colors, so I guess it was just a fresh coat of paint for the taxi and runways. But who can say. "The answers are in the stars..."

Wouter, please stop apologizing for you English, it's far better than most of us who reside here. And it's definitely better than my Flemish!!! Sorry you didn't get out of the car at the border. Next time you're here in Nevada look me up and I'll personally take you out for a real tour of the area. We'll split the petrol ;-)



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