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Message posted by Chris McDowell on November 06, 2009 at 17:13:54 PST:

Agreed, it's very intimidating on your first visit. Before my first trip out there, I read lots of trip reports here on DLR, as well as many posts on the forum, so I knew that as long as I stayed on the public side of the border, I was in no danger of arrest. I KNEW that. And yet, when I came around that bend on Groom Lake Road and saw the signs for the first time, my heart immediately started pounding. I almost didn't have the nerve to even get out of the car.

Still, I think the first-time jitters is a good experience to have. For one thing, it's a good last-minute reminder not to do anything stupid. Plus, it adds to the story-telling later on!

Think of it as sort of a rite of passage, one you'll always remember every time you make the trip.

Chris M.

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