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Message posted by Gregos on October 27, 2009 at 0:52:47 PST:

You just missed me at Coyote Summit. I pulled up my camper around 11am or noon ish, due to a head cold -Bummer! I climbed the hill twice but only heard aircraft high up. A few F-16s buzzed my RV at "Allentown" (Population 1) on Tuesday afternoon and some A-10s low thru the Coyote Pass on Thursday afternoon... Flares on all nights.

I did see a Jolly dust off on HWY 93 North of Rainbow Canyon Rd / Kane Springs Rd on Tuesday on the drive up to Rachel. Maybe somewhere around here but I'm only guessing: 37 4.728'N / 115 0.099'W

I saw the two helios off at 10 O'clock level coming in for a landing, so I pulled over. One landed in a wadi then they both took off again after about a minute. They then circled around and landed again. Then they both took off and climbed high in the direction of the Tikaboo Valley. Total time of the show maybe 10 minutes.

Technical problems? / "Pilot down rescue?" you decide... Because I do not know???


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