Just pulled some strings with my friends...

Message posted by Matthew Ruch on October 20, 2009 at 12:11:30 PST:

Over at Liveatc.net!

There is now a temp subfeed of the Nellis Frequencies on the KLAS feed for the duration of Red Flag. (KLAS Tower on the left channel, KLSV on the right) there is a little bit of cross talk on the right side from KLAS tower, but nothing major.

He is 17 miles DME from KLSV so while not the greatest quality, the fact that he is able to pick nellis up is damn impressive!

Head on over and check it out and pop into the forums and say thanks to Glenn for the hard work!

And if anybody is closer to Nellis, with a proper scanner that would be willing to feed a 16kbps upload they would more than welcome a permanent feed :)

Matt :)


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