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I see in the hour I spent watching West Wing you already updated the page!

I've driven metropolitan Alamo extensively and haven't found any places to eat other than the Del Pueblo and the Chevron Station. I'll email Alice Waters and see if she want to expand Chez Panise. ;-)

If anyone wants motel reviews, well Alamo motels aren't exactly the Hilton. FWIW, I prefer the satellite hook-up at the Alamo Auto Motel because they have the networks on both east coast and west coast time. This lets you watch Leno or Conan and still get up early.

My only complaint about the Meadow Lane is the use of swamp coolers in some of the rooms. If you stay there, ask for a room with a real airconditioner even if it costs a few bucks more. [Obviously only important in the summer.]

In Tonopah, I've stayed at the Station House and the Tonopah Motel. The Station House is lots of fun. They have live entertainment of sorts, which generally consists of two singers making extensive use of programable synthesizers. You get one free drink with your room. When you book your room, remember to remind them that you are there on business, but you can't talk about it. [Hint: the business rate is lower. If you have the balls, you can say you are with the government to get the best rate. ]The Tonopah Motel is well, not as nice, and for some reason seems to be the last motel to sell out.;-)

I noticed that the Banc Club casino isn't listed in the Food section of Tonopah. Hard to believe, but they have a website:
The website alludes to the casino having rooms, but I don't think that is correct.

I think the Mizpah in Tonopah is out of business.

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