Message posted by JoenTX on September 27, 2009 at 21:37:32 PST:

Not being a contrarian but I just don't get it. Who goes to Vegas......the glitz, indulgence, the Strip, the liqour, then get away from it???

I'm not a gambler, or an obnoxious drinker, or one looking to pay for "services" as it were.......but when I go to Vegas I'm going to see and experience Vegas. Not the outta-the-way guest lodge 2 hours away in a dot on the map. LV is a target destination. You have to be going there to get there and you rarely wind up there by accident. Short of Salt Lake denizens driving to L.A. there can't be much "through traffic" bringing people in.

I just don't see how a huge and expensive lodge/guest ranch in Alamo is going to get much action. What are the big sellers, the money-makers, in Nevada? Gambling.......prostitutes..........alcohol. None of which are offered by this place. GLR tourism is a spit in the ocean compared.

Man, I hope they make millions and prove me wrong but I don't see that happening.

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